Day 1: Well, this is anticlimatic.

I can’t really follow much of the fashion/beauty advice today.


Because I have my Voice for Performance II class, followed by Acting The Classics. For those not majoring in performing arts, this means that I will be spending the better part of my day doing physical and vocal warm ups, which means that I need to wear comfortable clothes (ski pants and a tank top), and no makeup (it would just smear off while doing face-massaging excercises).

HOWEVER, I do have one of Cosmo’s “Hot Hairstyles”, the bowl cut. Cosmo cites Carey Mulligan and Justin Bieber as examples.While I do have short, thick hair, with side bangs, I don’t look like either of them. I’ve also had this haircut for several years, so Cosmo/Mulligan/Bieber are all stealing my style. Also, Bitch Magazine has a great article about the relationship between Justin Bieber (and his hair) and lesbian hairstyles.

Hopefully, I’ll have the time/energy before my 8 AM class to do some sort of beauty related thing, as I will be sitting in front of a computer, and not thrashing around on a yoga mat.

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