Day 2, Part 1: Burgundy Lips, Cat Eyes, and Other Marks

I woke up at the asscrack of dawn, so I could follow some of Cosmo’s beauty tips before getting on the bus for my 8 AM class.

Here’s the result:

Evidently,”A Shiny Plum Pout” and “A Sexy Cat Eye” are “lust-worthy” trends of the season (page 112). I don’t know if they look so hot at 7:45 in the morning, before my computer class.

The red necklaces come from a spread on “FunFearlessFashion” (page 90). These necklaces I inherited from my deceased grandmother. Everything featured on the page cost between $34 and $150–way out of range of my student budget.

The necklaces also help cover up a [cough] bruise on my neck. Unfortunately, I was too damn preoccupied with eating macaroni and cheese, and playing with a puppy last night to worry about using a tube of lipstick to ameliorate the hickey (page 106).

Because GOD FORBID I have any lasting evidence of an active sex life. I’ll be devoting several posts to Cosmo’s sex advice, so I’m going to delve into this contradiction (Have sexy sex! Look sexy while doing it! But hide anything that shows that you have sex!) much further.

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