Day 2, Part 2: In Loving Defense of Chelsea Handler

I didn’t realize that Chelsea Handler was a columnist for Cosmo. There’s been a lot of talk about her lately, because she hosted the VMAs this weekend, and then got in a Twitter fight with Perez Hilton about it on Monday. A lot of people on Jezebel/Twitter/Tumblr/other Internet sites have said that Handler bombed/had too many inappropriate jokes/was race-baiting/etc.

Yes, her hosting gig on the VMAs wasn’t as funny as her regular show, but I don’t know if that’s because she sucked as a host, or had bad writers and producers make her do stupid things, or had to make jokes about such great examples of humanity as the Jersey Shore cast, Justin Bieber, and Ke$ha.

Thing is, Chelsea brings on more queer/not white guests on her show than her other 11 o’clock-basic cable-hosts (ie, John Stewart and Stephen Colbert). Handler also cuts through the Hollywood bullshit when dealing with guests. And yes, and some point in her career, she decided to be a vulgar comedian.

When people complain about Handler’s vulgarity, “racist” jokes, etc. the real question shouldn’t be “Why is Chelsea handler so inappropriate?” . It should be “why do comedians, both male and female, need to use vulgarity to use jokes?”. Or maybe “Why do we fear vulgarity so much in the first place?”.

Maybe Handler decided to base her act in vulgarity– shamelessly talking about sex, and making race-based jokes ten miles from politically correct because it made her more famous/lead to more lucrative deals/her manager or agent told her to/etc. And if being vulgar makes her happy, than let her be vulgar. If you don’t like it, don’t buy her books or watch her shows*.

[steps off of soapbox]

Anyway, her column in Cosmo is pretty tame. She says that people should have open bars at weddings, should avoid getting the name of their S.O. tattooed, make babies look ridiculous, and avoid bragging about penis size, all things which I agree with. I kind of wish Cosmo would let Handler write stuff more in tune to her regular act, because she is the anti-euphemism, and Cosmo can’t seem to stop using cutesy nicknames for the vagina/vulva, which just pisses me off.

I’ll leave y’all with a clip from a recent Chelsea Lately show, in which Handlers offices have an Office Baby.

*Does defending Handler mean I have to return my feminist card? To whom do I return it to? Shelby Knox? the editorial staff of Jezebel?

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