Day 3, Part 1: I was rocking patterned tights before you idiots, seriously.

My first class was cancelled, so I took an epic nap. I now have nap hair, which isn’t as awesome as sex hair, but is better than my hair in its normal state.

Oh, and say hi to Bobby D.

Anyhow, since I no longer need to wear sweatpants to class, I’m going to be changing into a short skirt, and some patterned tights (FunFearlessFashion, “Tricked Out Tights”, page 98).

These tights? I bought them for my senior prom. Which was more than 3 years ago. Patterned tights are not some new trend people–they’ve been around for a while. Hell, ever the sartorial lollygagger, the NYT Style section did an article on them ages ago (I know there’s an article somewhere in the deep belly of the Style section, but I couldn’t find it).

And while I like wearing patterned tights (there’s a reason why I have multiple pairs, after all), they don’t automatically make me look or feel either fun or fearless. That comes from my mood, and how I’m feeling that day.  While some articles of clothing will make me feel better about myself, they aren’t the key to my mood.

My ensemble will also include a long sweater that i bought a couple of years ago, because it’s shoulder details fit the whole military fashion (FunFearlessFashion, “G.I. Gorgeous”, page 86) theme which Cosmo repeatedly mentions.

If I can find a camera (other than the one on my laptop) I’ll post some pictures later.

Otherwise, I need to dash and get a sandwich before class.

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