Day 4, Part 1: I ride the SCAD bus. In a red plaid miniskirt.

Instead of getting up at 6 AM, I got up at 6:30, and was thus in a mad rush to get out of my dorm, because the bus that goes to my class Takes. Freaking. Forever.

I now know that catching the 7:30 bus will get me to my building on time.

Anyhow, I did pull out my red plaid skirt as my fashion tip for the day (FunFearlessFashion, “The 7 Key Pieces”, page 83), but didn’t do anything else yet, because if I had spent the time trying to coordinate jewelry or makeup, I would have missed the bus, and been SOL (SCAD has a very strict attendance policy–being late to a class for more than fifteen minutes counts as an absence).

A lot of the regimens in Cosmo aren’t “quick and easy” or work in only “6 minutes a day’. They can be very frustrating and time consuming when your only goal is to get out the door, onto the bus, and to class on time.

This isn’t to say that looking good isn’t important (I have to say that my combo of tight black shirt/plaid miniskirt/pink flats is pretty spiffy), but it isn’t THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, EVAR. This emphasis on looking good doesn’t just come from Cosmo–it’s pretty prevalent here at an art school with a higher ratio of women to men, so many women feel the need to look like models straight out of the Urban Outfitters lookbook.

News flash: Wearing a cool/fun/sexy outfit can make you feel good, but you won’t necessarily snag a man because of it.

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