Day 6, Part One: Eyeshadow done right.

Okay, so technically this all happened last night, and should be included in Day 5 but I got back late from the housewarming party I was at, so I’m writing this up this morning, in my pajamas.

The other half of my eyeshadow buying spree involved getting some recommended  products featured on Cosmo’s “Makeup Bag Musts” page.

I purchased the following:

“Killer Eye Candy”–Maybelline Color Pearls Eye Shadow.

“The Look of Liquid LIner…In a Pencil”–CoverGirl LiquidLineBlast.

I enjoyed using these products. The liner went on very smooth, and the shadows were very iridescent and blendable. These are definitely products that I would use in the future.

The end result? Looked like this:

The overall look was funky, sexy, very “me”, and lasted well into the night, without looking smeared or messy.

The most enjoyable aspect of wearing makeup, is experimentation. I was able to play around with what looked best. If I had the same step-by step instructions thing as with my Smoky Eyes  Fail, I don’t think I’d be nearly as happy with the products.

If Cosmo’s target audience is young professional women, why does Cosmo feel like giving shitty makeup application advice, as if women couldn’t possibly be able to figure it out themselves? I’m reminded of Gloria Steinham’s anecdote about working for Seventeen and trying to convince advertisers that readers would be interested in buying their shampoo, but did not need step-by-step instructions on how to wash their hair.

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