Day 6, Part Three: Lauren Conrad seems happy, is a hack.

Lauren Conrad is the October Cosmo covergirl.

Lauren Conrad also makes excellent GIF fodder:

Okay, GIF happiness aside, her interview in Cosmo (CosmoNews Interview, “The Private Lives of Lauren Conrad”) is pretty bland and generic. As Cosmo points out, Lauren is one of the few “reality” (seriously, was there anything real on Laguna Beach/The Hills?) TV alumni who hasn’t become a caricature. She has several successful clothing lines, a series of books (including one called Lauren Conrad Style), and a seemingly stable and loving relationship.

Okay, then.

Honestly, Lauren Conrad is boring. If some savvy MTV executive didn’t scout out students at her high school (in Laguna fucking Beach, of all places), then we probably wouldn’t know about her. Because, without the publicity, the jersey-knit dresses she sells at exorbitant prices would go nowhere.

LC also talks about her current relationship, with an actor I haven’t heard of, and that the secret to their success (because a steady relationship=success?) is that Lauren kept the relationship out of the public eye, and requested that the Hills camera crew not film them.

Wait, living all of your relationships in the public eye, and through a fictional”reality” show is a bad idea? Whoda thunk it?

The best quote is this:

Rather than stamping her name on other people’s work, like so many celebs do, she’s fully invested in her books and her designs. “I like to be involved in every step”, says Lauren. Not that she writes every word fo her books herself. A coauthor worked on her style guide, and editors help shape her fiction. But the results reflect only one person’s sensibilities, and those are Lauren’s.

So…unlike other celebs, who simply put their names on other people’s work, Lauren does everything herself. Except that she uses coauthors/editors to help write her books, and god knows who else to design her designs. But she does get involved in everything. Really.

In the immortal words of Mel Brooks, I call bullshit. I know how hard it is to break into the fashion industry. My classmates in the fashion department work their asses off in class, and often have to fight to get internships. Judging by the generic, overpriced crapitude that her Lauren Conrad Collection was, I’m pretty sure if Lauren came to SCAD’s fashion department, she would drop out after a week.

Instead of looking to “reality” TV celebrities (or, any celebrity, for the matter) for fashion and literature, how about we leave that to those whose interest in fashion and writing extend to beyond an MTV vanity project?

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