Day 6, Part Two: Meeting the Sartorialist, Dressing Like a Fashion Student.


The Sartorialist lecture went very well. Scott Schuman and Garance Dore were very nice, candid, down to earth, and were great at answering questions. Also, Michael Fink, the dean of the fashion program, was wearing a great shirt that showed off his amazing guns, and tatoo. My friend also informed me that he has nipple piercings. Badass.

It was kind of fun seeing all of the fashion students come out for the lecture. It kind of felt like the fashion student equivalent of picture day, with everyone dressed up.

Mind you, I didn’t look so shabby, either.

Along with the requisite patterned tights, I’m wearing a black skirt, and white button-down shirt, which is loosely based off of the “Sexed-Up Sweats” spread (FunFearlessFashion, page 96), which featured a white button-down/miniskirt combo. Cosmo keeps on featuring the ubiquitous shoe-bootie, so I wore my own pair.

Which look like this:

These shoes are far more interesting than any of the shoe-booties that Cosmo features.

Makeup wise, I continued to play around with the eyeshadows I wore last night, and wore some pink lip gloss.

Overall, I liked what I wore, and seemed to effortlessly blend in with the fashion majors. Although, I’m glad I don’t have to dress like this on a regular basis. I think I would explode with frustration.

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