Day 7, Part One: In loving defense of Ice-T and Coco

Sunday is a day of rest. Ergo, I’ll be spending Sundays solely looking at the articles in Cosmo, and not being Cosmo’s prized guinea pig.

Anyways, Cosmo wants to let you know that there is a right way, and a wrong way, to go snorkeling with your sweetheart:

What is so “skanky” about Ice-T and Coco? They are swimming, having a good time, and Coco is wearing a bikini. Oh, right. While its important to wear a bikini while swimming, you shouldn’t wear one if you have large breasts. And your husband is a gangsta-rapper turned TV star. Or something.

Perhaps Cosmo was thinking along the lines of

Coco is a victim of Cosmo’s hair-thin standards of sexuality. You should be sexy, in that you wear clothes that show off your legs/arms/cleavage, and have noticeable breasts, but not too sexy, as in having breasts/buttocks/etc that are bigger than the accepted standards, or actually have other signs that you (ghasp!) enjoy sex!

Frankly, Ice-T and Coco are one of the few straight celebrity couples that I like/believe in. They seem to genuinely care about each other, do what makes them feel happy, and not give a shit about what other people think. I don’t want Coco’s astronomical T and A, but I’m not going to criticize her for her own body. She seems to be enjoying herself, and making money, and being successful and happy. Hell, she’s practically Cosmo’s ideal woman? So why are they criticizing her?

Also, Ice-T was recently on the NPR show “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”. He was awesome. As usual. Listen here.

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