Department of Irony: It’s No Makeup Week!

Jen McCreight, the writer of Blag Hag posted about Rabbit Write’s No Makeup Week project:

The philosophy is this. Make-up is great. It is a powerful tool, a way to express yourself, your mood and interior life. But, when you can’t go without something, it loses it’s spark.

A study online claims that 8 out of 10 women prefer their female colleagues to wear makeup and the same number of women said they would rather employ a woman who wore makeup than one who didn’t. Because of these expectations, I think it’s hard for any woman to have a good relationship to make-up.

So, I am taking on the experiment to go a week without make-up, to explore my fears and beliefs around make-up and my natural face.

I am curating No Make-Up Week as a blogosphere wide project: September 20th-27th, 2010.

Join me by going sans make-up for as long as you like, uploading a naked-face photo online or just exploring your relationship to cosmetics.

This is a great idea, although I can’t really go makeup-free for a week, because of writing this blog. But by following Cosmo’s beauty advice, as stupid as some of it is, I am certainly exploring my relationship with cosmetics, and with how the media influences that relationship.

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