Day 10, Part Two: Cosmo’s attempts at editorial fashion spreads remind me why I shell out $10 for i-D

Cosmo is not the go-to magazine if you want to see avant-garde, cutting edge fashion editorials (neither is American Vogue, for that matter). Which is fine. But the fashion editorial “Loving Layers” (Fashion and Beauty Now, page 218) seems confused. It isn’t the stereotypically “sexy” business day-to-nightlife looks that Cosmo usually features, but it’s not cutting edge to be considered “creative” or even “avant-garde” fashion. It flounders in the middle.

The spread is all about layering for fall, but doing so without “looking like a schizo or a marshmallow”. Because fatties and psychos have no fashion sense. Because you can easily determine someone’s mental state just by looking at them. Or something.

Plus, not only is putting a turtleneck under a floral dress impossible to do in southern heat, but it does not look neither “sultry” nor “soccer mom”. It looks more like a goth playing dress up with costumes from Oklahoma! Not to mention, that I don’t even want to know how much this look would cost (It’s listed as Ralph Lauren, without a price, which means “Don’t-even-think-about-it expensive”.

This is another look that is equal parts boring and wildly impractical:

Cosmo wants me to buy sheer pants. SHEER PANTS. That is, PANTS THAT YOU CAN SEE THROUGH. Because they are meant to “soften” a tailored jacket. If the jacket is designed by Roberto Cavalli, then I’m pretty sure it will look good with opaque pants. Not to mention that nobody, other than this model could successfully pull off (heheheh) those see-through pants.

This look isn’t styled in any sort of fantastical, avant-garde way, which would make those pants seem cool, or edgy. The editors and stylists seem to believe that this could be a plausible look for the Cosmo woman’s everyday life.

If you want a role model for funky, layered fall looks, look no further than Tavi:

Tavi is wearing a sweater that was originally Kathleen Hanna’s. Tavi also looks five million times better than any of the looks in this Cosmo editorial. I want Tavi to take over the world, or at least come to SCAD during SCADStyle week.

Anyway Cosmo, stick to what you’re used to: sleek “sexy” looks for the modern professional woman. Leave the attempts to be “edgy” to those who know what they’re doing.

Like the people at i-D:

This model? Is wearing a MOTHERFUCKING STRAP-ON HARNESS. That is badass, creative, sexy, and awesome. And something you would never see in Cosmo. I’m pretty sure if the editorial team even saw a strap-on, they would have a severe case of the vapors.

Posting is going to be lighter for the next couple of days due to schoolwork, and having to schlep to the doctors. Have a great weekend!

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2 Responses to Day 10, Part Two: Cosmo’s attempts at editorial fashion spreads remind me why I shell out $10 for i-D

  1. Max says:

    Tavi has nice shoes. That is all.

    And, seriously, see-through pants? That’s “Admitting to raising taxes on the campaign trail”-quality FAIL right there.

  2. sagemag says:

    I agree that Cosmopolitan isn’t the greatest when it comes to fashion editorials. They should stick with what they know.

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