Day 13, Part 2: Men Don’t Care What You Smell Like

I don’t wear perfume all that often. I do enjoy scented soaps and body washes, but I don’t see the purpose in putting on a perfume if I’m not going somewhere nice, and am simply schlepping to class and back. Silly me. According to Cosmo, I can attract the PerfectGuy if I wear the PerfectScent.

In “Draw Him In With Your Scent” (page 238), Cosmo provides a handy breakdown of perfumes, divided by the type of guys one is attracted to. Guys who are “adventurous and uninhibited” like “musky and spicy” scents, guys who are “down-to-earth and loyal” like “sweet and fruity” scents, guys who are “confident and driven” like “flowery and romantic” scents, and guys who are “laid back and fun” like “fresh and clean” scents. Whew. I apologize for the massive run-on sentence.

Evidently, guys can be easily divided into four basic groups, and all guys within that group like the same smells. Thing is, guys don’t always notice, or care about what you are wearing on your face, body, or skin. The Stig doesn’t particularly care about perfume, and told me that “most guys, from my experience, hate the sweet, fruity stuff that most perfumes try to imitate”.

His reaction to some of the recommended perfumes, which include “celebrity” perfumes by Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jenifer Lopez, and Eva Longoria looked something like this:

So, if you enjoy wearing perfume, great. If you don’t, great. But you’re not going to get a guy by wearing a specific brand of perfume, especially if said perfume was “designed” by Paris Hilton.

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