Day 14, Part 1.5: A braver man than I (or even the Stig)

At the start of this project, I stated that I wasn’t going to try anything with the Cosmo seal of approval that would interfere with my school work, or cause physical or emotional harm to The Stig and I.

Fortunately, Marty Beckerman at Funny or Die doesn’t have such qualms. You are a brave soul, Marty.

Weirdly enough, The Stig and I had a related food-sex conversation when he misinterpreted me telling about Cosmo’s instructions about making a “sexy pumpkin” as actually having to have sex with a pumpkin (Making a “sexy pumpkin” entails carving a lip template onto your standard pumpkin. I’ll be doing so once the supermarket starts selling pumpkins). Anyway, I don’t think either of us are going to be going on a mango-tastic shopping spree, especially since mangoes are perishable, and masturbatory sleeves last considerably longer. And yes, you can buy a diverse array of male masturbation devices at Babeland. You’re welcome.

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