Day 14, Part One: Let’s Roleplay!

The questions and answers in the “Sex Q+A” (Love&Lust, page 164) aren’t all that terrible. The best question comes from a woman asking for some advice on role-playing:

I’ve never role-played with my husband before. I want to try it, and Halloween seems like an easy excuse to get into costume. How do make it hot, not cheesy?

Yvonne Fulbright, the sexpert answering the questions has some good advice (browse costume shops and online stores for inspiration, don’t worry about being “cheesy”, etc, and then she says this:

Just find something around the house that can stand in for a prop, then imagine the rest. A feather duster could be the basis for a French maid scenario or a ruler could turn your boudoir into a classroom.

Personally, role-playing isn’t my thing because I spend so much of my time acting, that when it comes to sex, I want a break from all that. Plus, there isn’t anything in my room that could even remotely transform it into the offices of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce.

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