Day 14, Part Two: Cosmo’s resident “Guy Expert” makes an effort, fails miserably

So, Cosmo has this column called “Ask Him Anything” (Love&Lust, page 166-7), written by Ky Henderson. And unlike the rest of Cosmo’s “advice”, he says things that (usually) make sense. However, he kind of misses the boat on this one:

“My guy is convinced that most women are physically incapable of orgasming every time. I finish about half the time, but he seems to think he has no control over the situation and it just happens randomly. I’ve tried telling him that I could orgasm more if we worked on it, but he won’t. What can I do to get him to start worrying about pleasing me?

I must admit, your boyfriend is kind of an evil genius–thanks to his weird logic and bogus beliefs, he has managed to absolve himself completely of all responsiblity in bed. He should go into politics.

Well, I’d be willing to bet that many male politicians (particularly GOP/Tea Party types) don’t know how, or simply refuse to learn how to give women orgasms. Everyone knows that the G-spot and clitoris are a socialist conspiracy. Anyway, back to Ky’s advice:

…he should stop being so lazy about sex. You can help with this, but you’re not going to do it by suggesting the two of you “work” on it. That is a word that turns guys on about as much as “castration” or “Mom“. Instead, you need to show him that you could orgasm more and that he’ll have a hell of a lot of fun making it happen.

Yes ladies, the problem isn’t that your boyfriend is an asshole, it’s that you’re nagging him. Because wanting to discuss a problem=nagging. Puh. Leaze. Frankly, this dude doesn’t even deserve the type of private show that Ky suggests. The Stig gave an even better response:

“Why is she still with this guy?”

Couldn’t have said it better. So, to whomever sent this question in, your boyfriend will get the message that he’s a lazy, selfish asshole when you dump his ass. You deserve someone who understands and cares about your sexual needs.

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