Day 15, Part One: All Hail The Shrunken Jacket

One of thea fashion things that I’ve seen in multiple magazines, including Cosmo, is the Shrunken Jacket.

The Shrunken Jacket is a small, formfitting jacket that will make the wearer feel badass. I got mine yesterday. Mine doesn’t have metal detailing, and it didn’t cost $195, either (FunFearlessFashion, page 96):

Adding to my badassery is that I had to walk in the rain today, so I really do look like I stepped out of some sort of action film. Where it rained.

My Shrunken Jacket is short, but it fits well, and keeps me warm enough in my Acting for the Classics course, which is practically held in the freezer section at Kroger (seriously, that room gets so cold). I also only paid $22 for it (yay vintage stores!), which is considerably less than most of the clothes featured in Cosmo.

Well, pardon me, but I need to go and kick some as. And by “kick some ass”, I mean “thaw frozen spinach”.

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