Day 18, Part Two: J’adore this expensive lipstick

Remember when I wore some really horrendous long-wearing lipstick? That was one half of the “Seductive, Classic Naturals” look in the “Fall’s Sexiest Makeup” feature.

Here’s how the other half, the “Fierce and Fiesty” look appeared in the magazine:

And here’s how it looked in Real Life:

I didn’t feel “fierce and feisty” so much as “Trés Français”, hence, the pout.

The lipstick featured is Dior Serum de Rouge in Ruby Serum. It’s a really nice shade of burgundy/fuchsia, and it basically feels like a balm. It also smells of rosewater. It isn’t a particularly long wearing lipstick (which after my long-wearing lipstick fiasco, isn’t a bad thing). It’s also $32, which is rather pricey, so if you dont’ have a gift card/a nice disposable income, I’d recommend getting a more “day job friendly” shade.

Cosmo also wanted me to get a lot of copper eyeshadow, which I didn’t get because I’ve already spent a metric buttload of money on makeup for this social experiment, and there was no way I was going to be caught wearing copper eyeshadow under my eyes. Instead, I wore one of the Maybelline Color Pearls eyeshadows that I had bought earlier, and the Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara. Overall, it’s a pretty sultry, very European look. The only way it could look cooler is if I had a cigarette, and I can’t smoke anymore. Merde.

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