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Hey everyone! I’m not dead! I’ve just been phenomenally busy. Anyway, I’m sorry to have abandoned the blog, but I will be writing a “wrap-up” post about my experiences following eveyrthing Cosmo has told me to do. And if you … Continue reading

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Yes, Internet. I am Alive

apologies for my desertion of this blog. Various and sundry forms of shit hitting the fan, including midterms week, have kept me from posting. But have no fear, I hope to post a bit more over the weekend. And for … Continue reading

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Cosmo has no advice on hangover treatment

…and until mine goes away, posting will be light. And for¬†everyone¬†who has been sending emails, THANK YOU! Keep ’em coming!

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Day 26: Y’all are awesome, but I have to make another PowerPoint

To everyone who has emailed me about filling out a survey–THANK YOU! I will be sending it out as soon as it’s finished, and before that, I have to make another PowerPoint, about the Turks. Also, I don’t want this … Continue reading

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I’m nearing the end of this lovely experiment, and I need some assistance from you, the reader. I want to do an informal survey, to see just how much Cosmo’s content, and the views and opinions of people differ. So, … Continue reading

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Day 24, Part One: If you made this image, please let me know!

Commenter Madelyn brough this awesome picture to my attention: This is infinitely better than any of the Jezebel “Cover Lies”, and really does summarize everything that is so messed up about Cosmo: Everything is about sex, (horrible) sex advice, and … Continue reading

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Reading Between The Lines

Thank God for DeviantArt. While this image deals with the bad messages fed to teens, it’s all applicable to the type of messages featured on the cover of Cosmo. I now feel inspired to somehow find the time to do … Continue reading

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