Day 20, Part One: Eyeshadow and eyeliner, school-spirit style

It is the much-promised makeup time!

Today, I attempted to re-create the look featured on page 235 of the “Fall’s Sexiest Makeup” spread.

Here’s how it looked in the magazine:

And here’s how it looked in real life:

I had some difficulty finding the recommended shadow and liquid liner, so I used a damp brush and L’Oreal High Intensity Pigment eyeshadow in Flamboyant, and Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner in Honey. Otherwise, I’m using all of the suggested products from CoverGirl, Revlon, and Rimmel.

The fact that Macy’s didn’t have the requisite MAC eyeliner shade that Cosmo recommended was probably a blessing in disguise, judging by this review:

Dude, if you’re MAC, and you have the reputation of creating cosmetics that are supposedly high-quality, and used by professionals, figure out how to make something without causing unpleasant allergic reactions.

This look is very cool (and I like how it is my school’s colors), but it’s really labor intensive. I had to apply the CoverGirl liquid liner, wait for it to dry, carefully apply the eyeshadow, put on more of the black liner to cover smudges, apply the gold liquid liner, wait for THAT to dry, and then apply the lip gloss and mascara. Definitely a good look for a party or special event, but not something I would put up with on a regular basis.

I also question the “sexiness” fo this look. I mean, I feel cool, and put together, but sexy? What Cosmo (and many other cosmetics companies) sometimes fail to realize is that If I feel sexy, I will think I’m sexy, no matter what I’m wearing on my body or my face. And who is supposed to find these looks “sexy”? For the most part, The Stig doesn’t really care about what makeup I’m wearing (and doesn’t particularly like it when I wear lipstick, because it gets all over him).

If you want to try a cool two-toned eye effect, do so because YOU want to, not because some magazine tells you that it will make you look “sexy” or “sultry”.

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