Day 23, Part Three: Matte Lipstick Done Right

Thanks to Brit, I didnt’ have to suffer through the ordeal of putting powder on my lips. But I did buy a tube of Lancome Color Design Lip Matte, in Corset (yes, I did buy it solely because of the name), and decided to play around, and see what looked good.

Instead of reading the “Master Fall’s Matte Mouth” feature (page 114), follow my step-by-step instructions on how to wear matte lipstick without parching your lips.

A Ginger’s Guide To Matte Lipstick:

1. Apply a good lip balm. Then apply a lip pencil on you lips. Blot.

2. Apply matte lipstick. Put on as little or as much as you damn well feel like. Remove excess lipstick from corners of your mouth, etc.

3. Apply some bitchin’ eyeliner/shadow/mascara.

4. Put on your shrunken jacket, and kick some ass.

The thing about most “beauty rules” is that you’ll usually get better results when you break them.

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