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Snowpacolypse, Part 2: In which NJ kicks everyones ass, for a change

So, we survived teh noreaster just fien. We lit a fire in the fireplace, ate food, and dug both our car, and my grandfather’s car out just fine. On Monday morning, we called the local Department of Public Works, and … Continue reading

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Regarding Whiskey and Baking.

My family doesn’t drink liquor all that much. My mom and dad both enjoy rum on the rocks. My mom drinks Glenfiddich as a special treat now and then. About once a year, we buy a bottle of bourbon to … Continue reading

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Yes, New Jersey, it’s snowing. Can we move on, please?

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I am in North Jersey visiting my family, and yes, it is snowing outside. A lot. Fortunately, it’s not snowing Alots. That could be dangerous. Since this is a really big storm that is messing with … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas. Here’s a Drink Recipe.

I came up with this after buying a bottle of fig infused vodka in New Jersey. I do need a name fo this drink, so please suggest one in the comments: Ingredients: Fig Infused Vodka Hot Chocolate 1 Clementine Pour … Continue reading

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The best way to get a copy of Harper’s Bazaar? Steal it from the doctor’s office.

I used to like Harper’s Bazaar, but since they decided to have famed douchebag and child molester Terry Richardson photograph so many of their shoots, I really haven’t had a copy of Bazaar in my lap until this afternoon, after … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas. Help a ginger out.

So, I’ve been seeing Christmas wishlists pop up on the blogosphere, so I figured, why not ask total strangers to make my season a little brighter? So, here goes. If you want to provide any of the gifts listed, please … Continue reading

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Evidently Cosmo suspects that their article titles are ridiculous.

Christmas came early for me! And not just because I have the 2011 Slingshot Collective day planner (with a menstrual calendar, and tips on how to resist the police), but because Cosmo has created an online survey about their FR* … Continue reading

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