It’s Christmas. Help a ginger out.

So, I’ve been seeing Christmas wishlists pop up on the blogosphere, so I figured, why not ask total strangers to make my season a little brighter? So, here goes. If you want to provide any of the gifts listed, please email me at

1. Gift Cards.
I’m not about to ask for cold, hard ca$h, so I’ll take the next best thing–gift cards. The gift cards I’d most likely use would be from businesses like
-Banana Republic
-Ex Libris (the SCAD student bookstore)
-Utrecht Art Supply
-Kinko’s (although, I do not know if they sell giftcards)
-Schuler Books
-Barnes and Noble
-The Mellow Mushroom

2. The NARS Limited Edition Bento Box lipsticks
Because I have a weird obsession with lipsticks

3. Plays
-Particularly a copy of Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus and any plays by Neil Labute.

4. These shoes. In Emerald/Navy
-Does anyone have a pair of these? Do their sisez run big or small?

5. The opportunity for my grandfather to meet the New York Yankees.
-My grandfather’s favorite baseball team is the Yankees. However, since he is currently living at an assisted living facility, the chances of getting him to a game are pretty slim, as transprot woudl be an issue, and his mobility, and his memory (he has been diagnosed with dementia) isn’t as great as it used to be. If the Yankees could visit his assisted living facility, meet with residents, play games, and overall just brighten everyone’s day, I would absolutely love it, and more importantly, I know that my grandfather would love it even more. If you have any way of giving this gift, please note that my grandfather’s facility is in Northern NJ.

6. A really good chef’s knife. The kind that you don’t put in the dishwasher.

7. Headphones/Earbuds

8. Places to couchsurf/People to meet during Spring Break.
-I don’t know where precisely I want to go, but cities I may visit includ San Francisco, Detroit, Minneapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, and New York City. If you have a spare couch/futon/bed, and could show me around, that would be wickedly awesome, and save me a LOT of money.

And that’s about it, folks. I’m really trying to move away from a lot of the blind consumerism that happens at this time of year. Also, if you are looking for yarn, watercolor paper, art supplies, or books for your Christmas wishlist, let me know. I might be able to help you out!

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One Response to It’s Christmas. Help a ginger out.

  1. I’ve got a couch for a trip to Boston!

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