Regarding Whiskey and Baking.

My family doesn’t drink liquor all that much. My mom and dad both enjoy rum on the rocks. My mom drinks Glenfiddich as a special treat now and then. About once a year, we buy a bottle of bourbon to cook with for our pecan pie at Thanksgiving. The brand isn’t too important, because the alcohol burns off during the cooking process.

Now, I enjoy the hard stuff, and one of my favorite drinks is a whiskey sour. I don’t really like drinks that are really sweet, and I always mix drinks on the strong side.

So why do the lovely people at Jack Daniels think that I want to bake with their product, and need tips on how to host a boozy holiday party? News Flash: Women drink. In groups. A lot. We’ve been doing this for a while.

Like I said before, I do occaisonally cook with liquor. But when I’m buying tequila/vodka/tirple sec/whiskey/etc I’m usually focused on “Is this a quality product to drink”” rather than “ZOMG! SPIKED COOKIES!”.

I’d like to compare Jack Daniel’s approach to Cointreau’s website, which features videos of Dita Von Teese re-creating famous events in the history of making cocktails with Cointreau. Teese has even designed a drink for the brand, the Cointreau Teese. There is a section on the site called “Cooking With Cointreau” that feature different cooking and baking recipes, but it’s not the main feature of the site, and the video features a famous French chef, and not a gendered baking  party.

Women dirnk Women have ben drinking liquor for a very long time. Jack Daniels does not need to try to get women to drink their product by featuring cookie recipes.

Then again, Jack Daniels isn’t my favorite whiskey. Maker’s Mark and Glenfiddich will continue to be my whiskies of choice.

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