Yes, New Jersey, it’s snowing. Can we move on, please?

Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

I am in North Jersey visiting my family, and yes, it is snowing outside. A lot. Fortunately, it’s not snowing Alots. That could be dangerous.

Since this is a really big storm that is messing with the entier eastern seaboard, Snowpocalypse 2010 has been getting a lot of news coverage.

Here is the news coverage that is relevant:

When the blizzardy goodness will start, and when the blizzardy goodness is expected to end.

Traffic closures on roadways, accidents, and any travel advisories from NJ Transit, Metro North, MTA, LIRR, Staten Island Ferry, Ditmars-Astoria Passenger Pigeon, and local airports.

Where viewers can go if they do not have shelter and relevant information and emergency numbers.

The names and numbers of businesses that are remaining open during the blizzardy goodness.

Information on cleanup: Plow fleets, and the routes they are taking, sand/salt efforts, repair of any damaged buildings/power lines/etc.

Here is the news coverage that is incredibly un-relevant, but gets aired all the time anyway:

The reporter who is the lowest on the network food chain, who must stand out in the bad weather to say JUST HOW COLD AND SNOWY IT REALLY IS.

The (same, usually) reporter who interviews the “average person” on the street, to hear from them say JUST HOW COLD AND SNOWY IT REALLY IS.

An obligatory story on the idiots who decided to do their post Crimbo sales shopping, even though there are advisories saying that people should not travel if not necessary. Bonus points if you’re interviewing a lady in Red Hook who is annoyed that the roads are bad because she really wants to buy Jimmy Choos.

Interrupting regular scheduled programing, to announce nothing more than the fact that it is still snowing.

Bad weather is an important news story, especially in a place like the Tri-State area, where snowstorms can negatively affect travel plans for millions of commuters. But nothing important is conveyed by re-using the same tired “bad weather” tropes.

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