Snowpacolypse, Part 2: In which NJ kicks everyones ass, for a change

So, we survived teh noreaster just fien. We lit a fire in the fireplace, ate food, and dug both our car, and my grandfather’s car out just fine.

On Monday morning, we called the local Department of Public Works, and asked about having the street were were staying on plowed (the plows were plowing several times on Sunday evening). Within half an hour, a small snowplow was up our street, plowing. He said that he had been working for 26 hours straight. Now, my grandfather’s house is located in a blue collar town in North Jersey (near Butler, Kinnelon, and Wayne),  mostly populated by retirees, blue-collar workers, and younger people with low-level white collar jobs in New York City. The fact that the DPW could plow out the entire area by Monday afternoon, when there are areas in Brooklyn who haven’t even been visited by a plow astounds me a little. Actually, it astounds me a lot. After all, if you’re the post populous city in the U.S., you’d think that you would know how to expedite recovery from annual snowstorms by now.

I certainly hope Michael Bloomberg gets an epic ass-kicking for the city’s complacency, and preference for plowing out business districts over residential districts. And, for this performing arts major, it’s a great advertisement for people liek me to *not* move to the Big Apple. And actually have something nice to say about NJ, for a change.

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