Better than Savage sex.

Thesis: Dan Savage is a very well-known sex-advice columnist. His “Savage Love” column and podcast for Seattle’s Stranger magazine are massively popular. Savage has also written sever abooks, and is currently on a speaking tour at American colleges.

Antithesis: Savage can be an assweasel. In the past, Savage has made transphobic, biphobic, and vaginaphobic remarks, has been insensitive as hell when it comes to asexuality, and his “It Gets Better” Project is focused on telling kids to deal with bullying until they can all magically leave home and enter college, instead of iliciting real change now.

Synthesis: I want to do what Savage has done so well (encouraged a frank dialogue about sex and relationships) but without the “eww, vaginas are gross” bullshit*.

Do you have any questions about sex, dating, relationships, or how to make a phenomenal grilled cheese sandwich? Leave them in the comments, on Twitter, or at Please note that I do not want pictures of your anatomy/genitalia. Unless you are Christina Hendricks, John Hamm, Robert Downey Jr, Daniel Craig, David Tennant, or Jeremy Clarkson**.

*Yes, I know that Savage is gay. But one’s orientation is no justification for calling anyone elses body parts disgusting.
**Is it weird that I want to sleep with Clarkson just to hear all of the random shit he would scream in the throes of passion?

UPDATE: Evidently Savage is also fatphobic. Ugh.

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2 Responses to Better than Savage sex.

  1. Molls says:

    And he has a totally irrational hatred of pit bulls.

    I wrestle with Dan Savage. It is not an exaggeration to say that his book, The Commitment, changed my life. After reading it, I really began to understand that I can define my relationships in the terms I choose and there is no “right or wrong.” I think he’s done a lot to normalize all sorts of interesting sexual interests (from pegging to smashing cake in someone’s face.) I think he has opened up the discussion about cheating, openness, swinging, and all sorts of other extra-relationship activities.

    However, he can be a complete doosh on so many issues. I think his approach in general is a double edge sword. When you have a frank discussion about, say, the unrealistic desire for monogamy in marriage, you think it’s okay to have frank discussion about transpeople. And there you can run into people who are legitly upset about your insensitivity.

  2. Elena says:

    But pit bulls are friggin adorable! I have not yet read the Commitment, but I will definitely get on that.

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