Buy Nothing Lent: First Sunday.

Sundays during Lent are freebies, and they don’t count as part of your 40 days of penitence and reflection. However, I honestly don’t feel like buying anything today. Except maybe frozen yogurt. Last night, I was going crazy for sriracha, but that has passed.

I’ve been trying to stretch out the food I have, and added a can of black eyed peas to some leftover soup. This will also double as my dinner.

I wound up getting the black eyed peas because somebody at my dorm placed a bunch of canned goods in the lobby with a “Free to take” sign. So thank you, anonymous person who does not like black eyed peas.

One advantage of living here is that most bars and clubs don’t have cover charges, so even when I went out with some friends on Friday, I didn’t have to pay to get in. I also didn’t have to pay for drinks, thanks to my cunning feminine wiles.

However, my hair is getting decidedly shaggy. Does anyone in the Savannah/Chatham area want to cut my hair in exchange for a killer grilled cheese sandwich?

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