Picture of Myself: I conquer the trompe l’oeil hipster skirt.

It’s finals week. Shoot me now.

It is still hellishly hot, so skirts are the way to go. And I’m glad I found this one, which I purchased at ARC, or as I call it, “The hipster store”.  They sell vintage, german pens and stationary, indie-bath products, art magazines, and some high-end stuff, such as A.P.C. jeans, which do not fit me under any circumstances.  Boo. I’ve browsed at ARC many a time, but never quite found anything that fit me. Until I found this skirt:

This skirt is awesome. It is cool (in both senses of the word), it has a nice trompe-loeil look to it (two people both asked me “is that a shirt? Or a skirt?”), and IT HAS POCKETS.

More skirts and dresses need pockets. Pockets are awesome.

Pardon my zonked-out expression in the picture, I was going on about 3 hours worth of sleep.

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