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HAHAHA AHAHAHAH AHHAHA HA. Oh Brett Erlich. How I love thee. And for the record, I don’t think you’re weird. And I’d love to touch you. A lot. Advertisements

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Approaching Me in a Bar.

One of the nice things about this quarter is that I can finally go out to the bars/dance clubs/other venues limited to the 21 and up set. This also means that I no have to navigate teh world of Assholes … Continue reading

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Yes, New Jersey, it’s snowing. Can we move on, please?

Happy Boxing Day, everyone! I am in North Jersey visiting my family, and yes, it is snowing outside. A lot. Fortunately, it’s not snowing Alots. That could be dangerous. Since this is a really big storm that is messing with … Continue reading

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Day 20, Part Two: The Great Pumpkin Facial

There are some things in Cosmo that have to be shared with others. Standing around with pumpkin puree on your face is one of them. So I enlisted the help of my friends Meghan and Shelby to be my partners … Continue reading

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Did someone from Cosmo write this ad for Trojan?

Wow. Trojan has a new vibrator out, called the Triphoria (Tri plus Euphoria, get it?), and someone managed to write a TV ad for Trojan that never uses the word “vibrator”, but did use plenty of Cosmo-worthy euphemisms for “Use … Continue reading

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Day 16, Part One: LOOK WHAT I HAVE!

My order from Macy’s came through. I got some more Cosmo-worthy makeup to experiment with, and I’ll be doing some more beauty posts over the weekend. I got the hideous zebra bag for free. Yippy Skippy. I will be responding … Continue reading

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Day 15, Part Two: I am Quizzproof

The last bit of content in the October Cosmo is the quiz “Do You Bend Over Backward for Your Guy?” (page 268) Since I can’t keep the FAIL all to myself, I figured I’d share it: Your man leaves the … Continue reading

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