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A Step-By-Step Guide to Approaching Me in a Bar.

One of the nice things about this quarter is that I can finally go out to the bars/dance clubs/other venues limited to the 21 and up set. This also means that I no have to navigate teh world of Assholes … Continue reading

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Hey everyone! I’m not dead! I’ve just been phenomenally busy. Anyway, I’m sorry to have abandoned the blog, but I will be writing a “wrap-up” post about my experiences following eveyrthing Cosmo has told me to do. And if you … Continue reading

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Day 23, Part Two: “Shocking Confessions” aren’t shocking, just stupid

Cosmo has their own, not particularly grown-up version of the “traumarama/embarrassing moments” fluff pieces found in teen magazines. Cosmo’s “confessions” (pages 64-66). Here are some lowlights: “I needed to get a bikini was before a hot date…I decided to do … Continue reading

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Day 23, Part One: A fluff piece, with a Lady GaGa reference. How charming.

I feel somewhat obligated to post this video in response to the article “Why Bad Romances Won’t Let Go” (CosmoNews Relationships, page 52). You’re welcome. For the most part, the advice in this article isn’t actually bad (if you’ve had … Continue reading

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Day 21, Part Two: “I Wasn’t Blinded By Your Cleavage”

Well… What with PostSecret having a Cosmo-related postcard, and Jezebel writing  a response to one of Cosmo’s online articles, ERRBODY  BE GETTIN’ UP IN MY GRILL. My classy, classy grill. Okay, enough silly pictures. For the most part, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Day 21: Can Cosmo help me with this !@#$$% PowerPoint?

Posting will be light today, as my priority is getting a massive dramaturgy assignment completed. However, starting off the day with PostSecret was an excellent idea, because I saw this: To whoever who created this, I think you’ve addressed why … Continue reading

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Day 20, Part One: Eyeshadow and eyeliner, school-spirit style

It is the much-promised makeup time! Today, I attempted to re-create the look featured on page 235 of the “Fall’s Sexiest Makeup” spread. Here’s how it looked in the magazine: And here’s how it looked in real life: I had … Continue reading

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