Okay folks.

It’s time to do a blog-tacular reboot. I’ve been idiotically busy with school work, but sinse finals are upon us and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I will be posting more frequently.

I’ve been thinking about the direction I want to take this blog, and what I am planning are more fashion/beauty features, delivered with a heavy dose of ginger-tastic snark, and more photos of myself, particularly the outfits I wear, and outfits my friends wear (so think of a Sartorialist-esque bent. Scott Schulman, but taller*.). I’m still going to be writing about media and the entertainment industry, and essentially trying to wrote about fashion, media, the entertainment industry, and beauty better than some of the authors at Cosmo. Or Jezebel.

Hooray for doing quality work for free!

And, for your viewing pleasure, I present a photo of myself wearing goggles, as part of my acting final.

*Scott Schulman is short. Shorter than me. And I’m short.

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Hello? Is this thing on?

[taps microphone]

So, yeah. It’s been a while since I’ve updated.

During the middle of my Spring Break, I was diagnosed with a nasty case of deep vein thrombosis in my left leg (aka blood clot), and my Lenten resolution of financial austerity went out the window. It’s hard to not eat out when you can barely get out of bed to make tea.

I’m doing better, but I’m currently swamped with finals stuff.

I also don’t know what to do with this blog.

So, to the five or so readers who enjoy reading this thing, what do you want to read about?

I might write some fashion-y posts or something. We’ll see. But back to writing a paper about GB Shaw.

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Buy Nothing Lent: First Sunday.

Sundays during Lent are freebies, and they don’t count as part of your 40 days of penitence and reflection. However, I honestly don’t feel like buying anything today. Except maybe frozen yogurt. Last night, I was going crazy for sriracha, but that has passed.

I’ve been trying to stretch out the food I have, and added a can of black eyed peas to some leftover soup. This will also double as my dinner.

I wound up getting the black eyed peas because somebody at my dorm placed a bunch of canned goods in the lobby with a “Free to take” sign. So thank you, anonymous person who does not like black eyed peas.

One advantage of living here is that most bars and clubs don’t have cover charges, so even when I went out with some friends on Friday, I didn’t have to pay to get in. I also didn’t have to pay for drinks, thanks to my cunning feminine wiles.

However, my hair is getting decidedly shaggy. Does anyone in the Savannah/Chatham area want to cut my hair in exchange for a killer grilled cheese sandwich?

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Buy Nothing Lent: Days 1-3

My Ash Wednesday was lovely. In the afternoon, I made my last purchases of Winter Ordinary Time (a meal at Kayak Kafe with visiting friends, and a Guinness Stout ice cream cone at Leopold’s afterward). I went to the evening Ash Wednesday survice at a Catholic Cathedral, and as a ninja Episcopalian attendign a Catholic service for the first time, I noticed several things:

1. The priest totally skimped on the ashes. Fail

2. The service really, really, really hit on the whole “we are sinful and need salvation” thing. I mean, its’ Ash Wednesday. We all know it’s a season of penitence and reflection. You don’t need the guil-tripping overkill.

3. The Catholics specifially mention “the preservation of life, from conception to natural death” in their list of prayers for the people. IT’S ASH FUCKING WEDNSDAY. GETTING ASHED HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ABORTION. GAH.

The next day, I started to get sick. My impulse was to sleep, which has worked so far to clear my cold. That, adn a lot of green tea and soup. I don’t normally buy cold medicine, and one thing I thought about was how we are expected to buy so any necessary things. We all need food. We all get sick, at some point, and yet, if we don’t have enough money, we won’t be able to eat, or get treated for illnesses. This is bullshit.

Jesus fed  and healed people for free. Why can’t we strive to do this in our mindlessly capitalistic society?

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Buy Nothing Lent

Fun fact: I’m a Christian.

You can stop ghasping in shock, I know.

As an Episcopalian (like Catholocism without the work, guilt, and sex-negativity), Lent is an important season for me. Lent is a penitential season and self-reflection and meditation are highly enouchaged during Lent. As are resolutions to improve ones self. People commonly “give up” something for Lent, although i prefer to take things on, rather than give things up.

However, this year, I’ve decided to do something a little more labored than not eating chocolate for six weeks. I’m going to stop buying stuff* during the duration of Lent (Ash Wednesday through Easter, minus Sundays). If I need a particular good or service, I plan on bartering for it, or using the “free” listings on CL or Freecycle.

Like my lovely adventures with Cosmo, I will be doing daily blog posts about the experience.


*I will make purchases that will benefit my health, safety, and academic success, if necessary.

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Oh Brett Erlich. How I love thee.

And for the record, I don’t think you’re weird. And I’d love to touch you. A lot.

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Better than Savage sex.

Thesis: Dan Savage is a very well-known sex-advice columnist. His “Savage Love” column and podcast for Seattle’s Stranger magazine are massively popular. Savage has also written sever abooks, and is currently on a speaking tour at American colleges.

Antithesis: Savage can be an assweasel. In the past, Savage has made transphobic, biphobic, and vaginaphobic remarks, has been insensitive as hell when it comes to asexuality, and his “It Gets Better” Project is focused on telling kids to deal with bullying until they can all magically leave home and enter college, instead of iliciting real change now.

Synthesis: I want to do what Savage has done so well (encouraged a frank dialogue about sex and relationships) but without the “eww, vaginas are gross” bullshit*.

Do you have any questions about sex, dating, relationships, or how to make a phenomenal grilled cheese sandwich? Leave them in the comments, on Twitter, or at Please note that I do not want pictures of your anatomy/genitalia. Unless you are Christina Hendricks, John Hamm, Robert Downey Jr, Daniel Craig, David Tennant, or Jeremy Clarkson**.

*Yes, I know that Savage is gay. But one’s orientation is no justification for calling anyone elses body parts disgusting.
**Is it weird that I want to sleep with Clarkson just to hear all of the random shit he would scream in the throes of passion?

UPDATE: Evidently Savage is also fatphobic. Ugh.

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