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Reading Between The Lines

Thank God for DeviantArt. While this image deals with the bad messages fed to teens, it’s all applicable to the type of messages featured on the cover of Cosmo. I now feel inspired to somehow find the time to do … Continue reading

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Day 23, Part Two: “Shocking Confessions” aren’t shocking, just stupid

Cosmo has their own, not particularly grown-up version of the “traumarama/embarrassing moments” fluff pieces found in teen magazines. Cosmo’s “confessions” (pages 64-66). Here are some lowlights: “I needed to get a bikini was before a hot date…I decided to do … Continue reading

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Day 22, Part One: Adventures in Mad Matte Lipstick and More

I am tied up with finishing a PhotoShop assignment, but my good friend Brit has a guest post, on some horrible matte lipstick advice. xoxoxo Elena Greetings blogosphere! In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m the “lucky” friend that … Continue reading

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Day 21, Part Two: “I Wasn’t Blinded By Your Cleavage”

Well… What with PostSecret having a Cosmo-related postcard, and Jezebel writing  a response to one of Cosmo’s online articles, ERRBODY  BE GETTIN’ UP IN MY GRILL. My classy, classy grill. Okay, enough silly pictures. For the most part, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Day 19: I fail

Sorry everyone, but a massive freaking dramaturgy project which involves far too much article scanning on JSTOR ha eaten up my day today. HOWEVER, there will be lots of posts tomorrow. I promise. About makeup! And pumpkin facials (do NOT … Continue reading

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Day 18, Part One: Safe Sex FAIL

Okay, so kudos to Cosmo for writing an article on safer sex (“How to Outsmart STDs”, The Cosmo Health Report, pages 186-189). However, this piece could have been much better if: It wasn’t so freakin’ heteronormative It didn’t over-sensationalize the … Continue reading

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Did someone from Cosmo write this ad for Trojan?

Wow. Trojan has a new vibrator out, called the Triphoria (Tri plus Euphoria, get it?), and someone managed to write a TV ad for Trojan that never uses the word “vibrator”, but did use plenty of Cosmo-worthy euphemisms for “Use … Continue reading

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