Buy Nothing Lent: Days 1-3

My Ash Wednesday was lovely. In the afternoon, I made my last purchases of Winter Ordinary Time (a meal at Kayak Kafe with visiting friends, and a Guinness Stout ice cream cone at Leopold’s afterward). I went to the evening Ash Wednesday survice at a Catholic Cathedral, and as a ninja Episcopalian attendign a Catholic service for the first time, I noticed several things:

1. The priest totally skimped on the ashes. Fail

2. The service really, really, really hit on the whole “we are sinful and need salvation” thing. I mean, its’ Ash Wednesday. We all know it’s a season of penitence and reflection. You don’t need the guil-tripping overkill.

3. The Catholics specifially mention “the preservation of life, from conception to natural death” in their list of prayers for the people. IT’S ASH FUCKING WEDNSDAY. GETTING ASHED HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ABORTION. GAH.

The next day, I started to get sick. My impulse was to sleep, which has worked so far to clear my cold. That, adn a lot of green tea and soup. I don’t normally buy cold medicine, and one thing I thought about was how we are expected to buy so any necessary things. We all need food. We all get sick, at some point, and yet, if we don’t have enough money, we won’t be able to eat, or get treated for illnesses. This is bullshit.

Jesus fed  and healed people for free. Why can’t we strive to do this in our mindlessly capitalistic society?

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One Response to Buy Nothing Lent: Days 1-3

  1. Max says:

    1) Catholic service as an Episcopalian
    2) Sickness

    Cause, say hello to effect.

    #posthocergopropterhoc #logicalfallacy #butsofun

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