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Day 21, Part Two: “I Wasn’t Blinded By Your Cleavage”

Well… What with PostSecret having a Cosmo-related postcard, and Jezebel writing  a response to one of Cosmo’s online articles, ERRBODY  BE GETTIN’ UP IN MY GRILL. My classy, classy grill. Okay, enough silly pictures. For the most part, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Day 18, Part One: Safe Sex FAIL

Okay, so kudos to Cosmo for writing an article on safer sex (“How to Outsmart STDs”, The Cosmo Health Report, pages 186-189). However, this piece could have been much better if: It wasn’t so freakin’ heteronormative It didn’t over-sensationalize the … Continue reading

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Day 17, Part One: The Menz, They is So Crabby

I have a strong temper. So does the Stig. But miraculously enough, we both have the magical ability to control our tempers, so either of us aren’t stuck explaining to our RA why the ceiling has collapsed and why there’s so … Continue reading

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Day 5, Part One: All rapists wear hoodies.

Last night, I wound up walking back to my dorm from the computer lab at around 11:30 PM. A group of students walking in the other direction told me that I shouldn’t be walking alone. After all, if you walk … Continue reading

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