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Your goddamn rabbit outfit is not “couture”.

If you have never read gloria Steinem’s “A Bunny’s Tale”, you need to. NOW. While Steinem certainly has her flaws as a Major Feminist Thinker, the piece she wrote about working at the Playboy Club in New York City is … Continue reading

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And this is why I’m not moving to LA anytime soon.

So. Seth Rogen. Cuddly actor, been in some funny movies (Pineapple Express, Zach and Miri Make a Porno, Funny People) and some not-at-all funny movies (Seve and Protect). Mr. Rogen has been cast in the title role in the upcoming … Continue reading

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Regarding Whiskey and Baking.

My family doesn’t drink liquor all that much. My mom and dad both enjoy rum on the rocks. My mom drinks Glenfiddich as a special treat now and then. About once a year, we buy a bottle of bourbon to … Continue reading

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The best way to get a copy of Harper’s Bazaar? Steal it from the doctor’s office.

I used to like Harper’s Bazaar, but since they decided to have famed douchebag and child molester Terry Richardson photograph so many of their shoots, I really haven’t had a copy of Bazaar in my lap until this afternoon, after … Continue reading

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Evidently Cosmo suspects that their article titles are ridiculous.

Christmas came early for me! And not just because I have the 2011 Slingshot Collective day planner (with a menstrual calendar, and tips on how to resist the police), but because Cosmo has created an online survey about their FR* … Continue reading

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Day 24, Part One: If you made this image, please let me know!

Commenter Madelyn brough this awesome picture to my attention: This is infinitely better than any of the Jezebel “Cover Lies”, and really does summarize everything that is so messed up about Cosmo: Everything is about sex, (horrible) sex advice, and … Continue reading

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Reading Between The Lines

Thank God for DeviantArt. While this image deals with the bad messages fed to teens, it’s all applicable to the type of messages featured on the cover of Cosmo. I now feel inspired to somehow find the time to do … Continue reading

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