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And this is why I’m not moving to LA anytime soon.

So. Seth Rogen. Cuddly actor, been in some funny movies (Pineapple Express, Zach and Miri Make a Porno, Funny People) and some not-at-all funny movies (Seve and Protect). Mr. Rogen has been cast in the title role in the upcoming … Continue reading

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Day 14, Part 1.5: A braver man than I (or even the Stig)

At the start of this project, I stated that I wasn’t going to try anything with the Cosmo seal of approval that would interfere with my school work, or cause physical or emotional harm to The Stig and I. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Day 10, Part One: Cosmo is an ass. Literally.

So what if Cosmo says your fat? Well, I ain’t down with that! Those immortal lines come courtesy of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s immortal song “Baby Got Back”. I might a well post the video as well, because the rest of this … Continue reading

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Six Year Olds, Lip Gloss, and the Pinkification of pretty much everything.

There is a lot of pink in Cosmo. This is what the October 2010 cover looks like: Because pink is a ladies color! And Cosmo is for ladies! I fail to understand why pink is the go-to color for femininity/princesses/etc. … Continue reading

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Day 8, Part Two: Analysis plus an Ice-T and Coco Bonus

Text analysis is probably written by a female somewhere between 18-25 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time. Female between 18-25? Yes. Personal writing style? Yes. Happy most of the time? Eh, not … Continue reading

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Day 8, Part One: Nail Polish Is So Gay, Men Can’t Keep their Eyes to Themselves

Beware! According to Cosmo, there’s an evil beauty trend that is corrupting teh menz! Nail Polish! Seriously, Cosmo? You’re criticizing Ronaldo for wearing toenail polish? And not for being the biggest freaking whiner and faker in futbol? His pointless theatrics … Continue reading

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Day 6, Part Three: Lauren Conrad seems happy, is a hack.

Lauren Conrad is the October Cosmo covergirl. Lauren Conrad also makes excellent GIF fodder: Okay, GIF happiness aside, her interview in Cosmo (CosmoNews Interview, “The Private Lives of Lauren Conrad”) is pretty bland and generic. As Cosmo points out, Lauren … Continue reading

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