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HAHAHA AHAHAHAH AHHAHA HA. Oh Brett Erlich. How I love thee. And for the record, I don’t think you’re weird. And I’d love to touch you. A lot. Advertisements

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Better than Savage sex.

Thesis: Dan Savage is a very well-known sex-advice columnist. His “Savage Love” column and podcast for Seattle’s Stranger magazine are massively popular. Savage has also written sever abooks, and is currently on a speaking tour at American colleges. Antithesis: Savage … Continue reading

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I’m nearing the end of this lovely experiment, and I need some assistance from you, the reader. I want to do an informal survey, to see just how much Cosmo’s content, and the views and opinions of people differ. So, … Continue reading

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Reading Between The Lines

Thank God for DeviantArt. While this image deals with the bad messages fed to teens, it’s all applicable to the type of messages featured on the cover of Cosmo. I now feel inspired to somehow find the time to do … Continue reading

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Day 23, Part Three: Matte Lipstick Done Right

Thanks to Brit, I didnt’ have to suffer through the ordeal of putting powder on my lips. But I did buy a tube of Lancome Color Design Lip Matte, in Corset (yes, I did buy it solely because of the … Continue reading

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Day 23, Part Two: “Shocking Confessions” aren’t shocking, just stupid

Cosmo has their own, not particularly grown-up version of the “traumarama/embarrassing moments” fluff pieces found in teen magazines. Cosmo’s “confessions” (pages 64-66). Here are some lowlights: “I needed to get a bikini was before a hot date…I decided to do … Continue reading

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Day 23, Part One: A fluff piece, with a Lady GaGa reference. How charming.

I feel somewhat obligated to post this video in response to the article “Why Bad Romances Won’t Let Go” (CosmoNews Relationships, page 52). You’re welcome. For the most part, the advice in this article isn’t actually bad (if you’ve had … Continue reading

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