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HAHAHA AHAHAHAH AHHAHA HA. Oh Brett Erlich. How I love thee. And for the record, I don’t think you’re weird. And I’d love to touch you. A lot. Advertisements

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Regarding Whiskey and Baking.

My family doesn’t drink liquor all that much. My mom and dad both enjoy rum on the rocks. My mom drinks Glenfiddich as a special treat now and then. About once a year, we buy a bottle of bourbon to … Continue reading

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Hey everyone! I’m not dead! I’ve just been phenomenally busy. Anyway, I’m sorry to have abandoned the blog, but I will be writing a “wrap-up” post about my experiences following eveyrthing Cosmo has told me to do. And if you … Continue reading

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Day 23, Part One: A fluff piece, with a Lady GaGa reference. How charming.

I feel somewhat obligated to post this video in response to the article “Why Bad Romances Won’t Let Go” (CosmoNews Relationships, page 52). You’re welcome. For the most part, the advice in this article isn’t actually bad (if you’ve had … Continue reading

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Day 22, Part One: Adventures in Mad Matte Lipstick and More

I am tied up with finishing a PhotoShop assignment, but my good friend Brit has a guest post, on some horrible matte lipstick advice. xoxoxo Elena Greetings blogosphere! In case you haven’t figured it out, I’m the “lucky” friend that … Continue reading

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Day 17, Part One: The Menz, They is So Crabby

I have a strong temper. So does the Stig. But miraculously enough, we both have the magical ability to control our tempers, so either of us aren’t stuck explaining to our RA why the ceiling has collapsed and why there’s so … Continue reading

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Day 12, Part Two: The World’s Dumbest Workout Routine, Part 1

Last night, I had a delicious bacon and egg cheeseburger at midnight. How terrible of me! I’ve put myself at risk of getting Flabby Arms! However, Cosmo has come to the rescue with a helpful arm-toning workout called “Erase Arm … Continue reading

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