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Day 18, Part Two: J’adore this expensive lipstick

Remember when I wore some really horrendous long-wearing lipstick? That was one half of the “Seductive, Classic Naturals” look in the “Fall’s Sexiest Makeup” feature. Here’s how the other half, the “Fierce and Fiesty” look appeared in the magazine: And … Continue reading

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Day 18, Part One: Safe Sex FAIL

Okay, so kudos to Cosmo for writing an article on safer sex (“How to Outsmart STDs”, The Cosmo Health Report, pages 186-189). However, this piece could have been much better if: It wasn’t so freakin’ heteronormative It didn’t over-sensationalize the … Continue reading

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Did someone from Cosmo write this ad for Trojan?

Wow. Trojan has a new vibrator out, called the Triphoria (Tri plus Euphoria, get it?), and someone managed to write a TV ad for Trojan that never uses the word “vibrator”, but did use plenty of Cosmo-worthy euphemisms for “Use … Continue reading

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Day 17, Part One: The Menz, They is So Crabby

I have a strong temper. So does the Stig. But miraculously enough, we both have the magical ability to control our tempers, so either of us aren’t stuck explaining to our RA why the ceiling┬áhas collapsed and why there’s so … Continue reading

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Day 16, Part Two: A Beauty Sneak Peek

I’m sorry for the dearth of posts. I’ve been incredibly busy with school (attempting to dominate PhotoShop, researching Renaissance Venice for an Acting for the Classics assignment) and practicum (staking stage lights) that I don’t have anything else for today. … Continue reading

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Day 16, Part One: LOOK WHAT I HAVE!

My order from Macy’s came through. I got some more Cosmo-worthy makeup to experiment with, and I’ll be doing some more beauty posts over the weekend. I got the hideous zebra bag for free. Yippy Skippy. I will be responding … Continue reading

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Day 15, Part Two: I am Quizzproof

The last bit of content in the October Cosmo is the quiz “Do You Bend Over Backward for Your Guy?” (page 268) Since I can’t keep the FAIL all to myself, I figured I’d share it: Your man leaves the … Continue reading

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