Pictures of Myself: It’s Too Darn Hot

It. Is. Sofa. King. Hot. Out. Side.

It was 99 yesterday. And it isn’t just the heat. The air is so thick and humid that walking outside feels like drownign in a hot, pollen-tastic bath. Air conditioning is my best friend right now. However, I had to return books from the library, and I had to venture out into the hotness. This is what I wore:

The skirt is from the clearance rack of the Gap, the tank I’ve had since forever, and the necklace belonged to my late grandmother (the turquoise and amber stones in it kept me cool while I was walking around). This was the first time in a very long time that I wore a skirt without tights or stockings. Hot weather makes us do things we wouldn’t normally do.

Like buy stuff at The Paris Market. Which does wasn’t entirely swamped with tourists, had some really nice doodads, and more importantly, had Frozen French Hot Chocolate. With real whipped cream. Cold, filling, and was just what I needed on the walk home.

There are some people who can make SexyFace while sipping on straws. I am not one of those people.

Another reason why The Paris Market is awesome is because they have Nehi soda. NEHI FREAKIN’ SODA.

I officially have everything I need for 12 hours of nonstop storyboard inking. That, and “No Scrubs” on repeat.

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